Thursday, 22 December 2016

Broadband problems fixed Middlesbrough

You never know what you will find when you go on a computer home call out.
I was called to a customer in Middlesbrough who told me his broadband was not working.
when I arrived at the customers home I quickly ascertained that his broad band was working the problem was that his computer.
So I went to work to try to fix the broadband problem.
I checked all the network setting on the computer all was ok
I reset all  the internet browsers to default.
made a complete virus sweep - nothing found.
I then noticed that he has an antivirus software, I asked if he had an active subscription and the customer replied that it was on when he bought the computer 3 years ago and has never paid for the anti virus software.
I uninstalled the old anti virus software did a restart on the computer and tah daaaa internet access.

sometimes old anti virus software will stop you getting on the internet.

by now you will have realised that I AM THE GREATEST COMPUTER ENGINEER in the UNIVERSE.

so if you are in need of our computer repair service in the Middlesbrough area then contact Ayton Computers.

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